30 day blog challenge 

1. What,why, and where I write? 

wp-image-1118809382png.pngI’m going to try to write a little about everything from my day, parenting, my daughter Ryleigh, healthy eating, and saving money.  I really don’t have one set topic I’ll write about. Not that there is anything wrong having a blog about just one thing but, for me that would get very tiresome and boring.

Why I write, I’ve always loved to write. I used to have a livejournal that I’d write in. Once I became pregnant, well actually a little before that I stopped writing in it. I’m not even sure why I stopped. I was writing in it less and less and then just not at all.
It can be very therapeutic to write for me.

Swp-1485145356214.jpgometimes it feels like my brain gets full of too many thoughts and I need to get them out, writing helps this. I’m not even sure if that makes much sense.



I write because it makes me happy and I don’t think I’m too horrible of a writer blogger. It’s always nice to write something that can be relatable with someone else.


I usually write in bed after Ryleigh goes to sleep. It’s not that easy to write with a 4 year old running around. It’s like, the moment I sit down to do something is the moment she decides that she’s become completely helpless and NEEDS something right now.

I want to write more at night before bed anyway.

I also write on the couch in the living-room while she’s at school.

******* Writing this on my phone is a lot more difficult than on the computer. Try to ignore any mistakes I’ve made.

[ I do not know @fasyaulia. I found this doing a 30 day challenge on google.]


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