Worst infomercial ever?

Everyone knows that most if not all infomercials aren’t exactly the most honest. They have to exaggerate their product to get peoples attention and to get people to want to buy it. We’ve all come to expect this, and that’s fine.

We all know the weight loss/work out equipment ones will show us the before and afters. The before being someone with messy hair slouching over and showing a big belly and the after will be them with perfect hair, a nice tan standing up tall with their stomachs sucked in.

But the one I saw the other day takes the cake for sure! It was for Wolfgang Puck’s pressure oven. Which sounds pretty damn cool. It might have even made me interested it, except for the awful infomercial for it.


*Disclaimer. I am not reviewing the actual product. I have never used it. I’m not talking about whether the product works or anything about the actual product. But the infomercial itself*

It wasn’t just misleading or exaggerated. You’ll see what I mean.

They were showing different foods being cooked in a conventional oven and then the pressure oven.

A frozen pot pie from the conventional over and gourmet puff pastry chef made pot pie from the pressure oven. Of course, the fancy pot pie is going to look more appealing than the frozen pot pie.

Another example….

I am not even joking. They really showed a burnt pot roast for the conventional oven.

They also showed sausage that was boiled in a pan of water and then sausage that was cooked in the pressure oven. They showed a dried out probably 3-day old rotisserie chicken then a freshly cooked juicy chicken for the pressure oven.

I expected them to show the food from the pressure oven to look better, but in most of the cases,they weren’t even using the same food. If they had used a frozen pot pie for both ovens, they could have shown that the conventional oven pot pie was soggy and the crust not browned. Then they should have shown the same pot pie from the conventional over being crisp and golden brown. At least then they would have a better comparison since both items would have at least been the same, to begin with.

It’s really not a big deal, it just made me laugh and think REALLY!?

I miss the days of Billy Mays. download-1


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